​Car Concierge Services

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Car Concierge Services has dedicated itself to be the #1 Provider of Ancillary Products and Services to both Franchise and Independent Auto Dealers. Specializing in unique products and services.

We can tailor fit a Warranty, Extended Service Program to suit any desired outcome.

Want to own you own warranty company and reap the benefits same as the Major Administrating Providers?

Car Concierge Services can get you going with a 100% front loaded warranty program that will require you to do nothing more than what you already do. Let us do all the heavy lifting while you do what you do best, selling vehicles.

The Warranty Company that we can bring to you in order for you to operate a 100% front-loaded Vehicle Service Program that is the opposite of a typical back-loaded re-insurance program. The Dealer Obligor program offered to you is the same company used by Lithia Auto Group, Penske Auto Group, Hendrick Auto Group, CarMax, and thousands of franchise and non-franchise dealer's. We can provide more references than you will ever have time to contact.

You also have the security of having 100% control of your money and decisions as to how this program can work for you. With a 40 mile tie-back policy, meaning if a customer needs to file a claim and get repair work done, by contract they are required to bring the vehicle to the repair facility designated by the Dealer giving the customer greater security of satisfaction.

The dynamics of owning your own Service Contract Company without increasing your infrastructure is staggering and we can show you why and how.

Also knowing that the sub-prime market is increasing daily we have the best and most positive answer for that as well. Backed by Flexpoint Ford with over 8 Billion dollars in assets we bring to you the Deepest of the Deep Sub-Prime programs available today.

BHPH GAP and Salvage Title GAP as Well along with a Warranty Program that covers Salvage Titled vehicles too.